How to Get Most Out of Your Car's Air Conditioning

Your air conditioning has one simple task: to keep you cool. It's natural for us to keep our car cool during the summer, and sometimes that means sacrificing our gas mileage to get it pumping fast. We're here to tell you that you don't need to burn excess fuel to make you cooler. Here are some easy tips that will have your AC working smarter, not harder. 


Park in the Shade or Use Sun Shaders

Studies have shown that your car's AC unit can only decrease the cabin temperature by 40 degrees on average. If you choose to park in a shady spot or a garage at home (if you have one), then your AC will not have to work as hard. If either option is not available to you, consider purchasing windshield and window covers to keep your car shaded. It's also highly advised that you roll down the windows of your car to let out the hot air before turning the air conditioning up.


Use the Recirculation Setting

The benefit of the recirculation setting is that your air conditioning system only pulls air from inside the car. Therefore if the inside of your car is cooler, then the AC will chill the cooler air. Another advantage of this is that you can save money on gas. 


Change Your Cabin Air Filters 

Your cabin air filters play an important role in your car by removing dust and debris before it comes out of the vents. Over time, it can get very filthy and restrict the air trying to pass through. Consequently, you can be surprised with warm air or no air flow at all. To avoid the inconvenience, replace your air filters every 15,000 miles (give or take). 


Car Air Conditioning Maintenance in Massachusetts

Pleasant Car Care & Tire is a full service, automobile repair shop, and we are committed to get your car to its highest potential. Our team of certified technicians can change your cabin filter and fix any other HVAC problems you may have. If you are experiencing difficulties with your vehicle's air conditioning, we invite you to bring it to our shop today.


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