Why Does My Brake Pedal Feel Spongy?

Your car's braking system is a crucial safety feature. Like any other braking problem, soft brake pedals mean that stopping your car will require more effort than normal. This can be quite alarming, especially when the pedals become squishy all of a sudden, without prior warning. In most cases, spongy pedals indicate a problem with the brake fluid and can cause serious trouble if not addressed immediately.

Here are some of the common causes of spongy brake pedals:

Air in the System

One of the most common causes of mushy brake pedals is air in the brake lines. If air leaks into the brake lines, it interferes with the free flow of the brake fluid resulting in a spongy brake pedal. Bleeding your brakes would be a great way to eliminate the air and introduce a new, clean and fresh fluid. The clean fluid preserves and protects the other components of the braking system, including the ABS and master cylinder guaranteeing long, reliable operations.

Damaged Brake Lines

Braking lines are made of stainless steel materials and can therefore get damaged by rust. Over time, the rust spots develop into small holes, leak, and ultimately damage the brake lines. Brake lines can also weaken, bend, and break from a car crash, making it more susceptible to serious problems and costly repairs in the long haul.

Cylinder Wear

The cylinder plays an integral role in distributing the hydraulic pressure across the system, bringing your car to a halt. With continuous use, the seals within this cylinder become weak and brittle, breaks and leaks, reducing the system efficiency. This is the reason why you find yourself pressing the brake pedal all the way to the floor for your car to stop.

Low Brake Fluid Levels

Brake fluid tends to wear out with time, altering its compression characteristics and therefore reducing its efficiency. If your car has run for quite some time without a fluid change, you might want to drop by an auto repair shop for a thorough brake inspection.

A functional braking system is a must-have for confident, safe, and comfortable driving. Do not take chances. If you need brake repair service, do not hesitate to visit our auto shop today. Our mechanical experts are at your service for auto brake repairs and much more.

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